HIMARK Eco-Performance

One of the world’s most precious natural resources, water is essential to life and must be conserved. That’s why HIMARK, a global leader in kitchen and bath design and technology, is a strong supporter and advocate of driving awareness of water issues, addressing environmental challenges and developing environmentally favorable initiatives.
When you choose HIMARK products , you’ve joined our mission: to consume only what’s necessary without sacrificing comfort, design or performance. It’s a decision that offers water savings – and cost savings – for your property, and it’s a decision that means you’ve helped conserve this precious and limited resource.

Protect Environment

Produce with the minimalenvironmental impact.

Save Water

Water conservation andprotection are essential.


Guarantee the quality of water supplied by our products

Save Energy

All HIMARK products aredurable and save energy
Our global team of engineers works tirelessly to develop technologies that improve water-use efficiency. And with each new innovation, we prove that good design doesn’t have to be a decision between saving water and performance. With HIMARK, you get both.


HIMARK promotes sustainable management of water working on one main objective The manufacture of tapware and thermostatic mixers with technology, efficiency and control of consumption to achieve efficient use and management of water.
Being Actively Green is not a choice. It’s a responsibility. Trust HIMARK faucets and shower systems to help conserve one of our most precious natural resources.





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