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Bathroom trends 2020 – inspiring new looks for your bathroom suite

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In cabinetry or plants, this perennial hue can create a life-enhancing link with nature. The huge variety of eye-catching tiles, furniture and bathroom ceramics in verdant shades is providing opportunity for strong new looks.


In soft shades, green evokes a natural sense of calm and harmony, while bolder and darker tones provide individuality and depth. Try walls of saturated colour in paint or tiles, or a contemporary vanity unit or countertop basin.

Bathroom trends 2020


Statement lighting is having a moment. Outsized or crystal, all-out glamour is the way to go. The latest innovations mean that you don’t have to completely overhaul a scheme in order to make a difference. Don’t be afraid to go big. It takes a little bravery, but you can afford to use larger lights than you might at first think sensible. Big chandeliers, drum pendants and giant floor lamps are all very much in vogue for those who like their lighting to make a statement.

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Embrace blooms and foliage in your smallest room for the biggest, boldest and brightest impact. We may not live in a balmy equatorial climate over here in the UK, but that doesn’t have to stop you introducing a fun and tropical feel into your home. Embrace lively colour, add lush foliage and finish the look with quirky details.

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Home automation is no longer a sci-fi thing of the future – it’s here, right now, and the good news is it’s useful, easy to use, and just a bit smarter than you might expect. Smart technology promises to put the control at your fingertips and to make your home work better for you, and now it has come to your bathroom. From de-misting mirrors, integrated charging and USB ports, LED temperature displays and automatic hand-wipe sensors, the bathroom is a haven for smart technology. The future is now.

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The moody palettes that are de rigueur with on-trend paint brands are prompting a similarly gothic direction in bathrooms. Keep the look modern and fresh by opting for textured porcelain tiles. This look is also going to be at the forefront of kitchen design for 2020.

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